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Boogey Birds is an Stake-able NFT collection on Avalanche network created by well educated artificial intelligence where each bird possesses a unique set of playful characteristics.

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Boogey Birds are a community-driven Stake-able NFT collectibles. In total there will be 5,000 birds minted based on a mysterious combination of hundreds of visual traits and features which will play a role in the future of the birds.

NFT Staking

Stake your Boogey Birds to Canary Exchange!

Boogey Birds are not just fancy pictures. In fact one of first features they will boast is stake-ability! You heard it right bird lovers - after you get hold of your birdie you can stake it at Canary Exchange and earn its native CNR token which you can then trade or use for providing liquidity earning even more. Oh, this is getting so exciting!

Boogey Birds



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1 $AVAX / Boogey

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Boogey Birds Roadmap

25% MINTED25 AVAX giveaway to the randomly selected lucky minters
50% MINTED50 AVAX giveaway to the randomly selected lucky minters
75% MINTED75 AVAX giveaway to the randomly selected lucky minters
100% MINTED(SOLD OUT)100 AVAX giveaway to the randomly selected lucky minters(250 AVAX giveaways in total)


All 5,000 Boogey Birds will be "unique" however some birds will have rarer combination of characteristics and features than their little sisters and brothers. There will be four categories of birds Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary the rarer traits a bird will boast the more valuable it will be. The combination of features will not be known upfront - it is only when a bird is born.. err, minted we can learn its category.




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Frequently Asked Questions

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NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and represents a contract on the blockchain which is linked to a unique asset. For example this asset can be a digital art. The contract verifies the authenticity of this digital art and cannot be delinked from that art once it is minted. If someone else creates the same visual it can be proven quite easily that this is a copy because the contract will be different from the original and it is all visible on the blockchain. Uniqueness of each NFT coupled with the advanced functionality may result in new exciting areas of application. For instance a NFT may serve as a club membership signature - connecting a wallet with such NFT to a certain dApp may unlock advanced functionality which is not accessible to other usual wallets. Canary Exchange is pioneering application of NFT in DeFI and Boogey Birds is the first step in this direction.

Your Boogey Bird NFT will appear in the list of assets in your wallet. You can go to any NFT marketplace such as Kalao, NFTrade or Yeti Swap to see the NFTs that belong to your wallet. Make sure you select the correct network. Boogey Birds are NFTs on Avalanche network.

Ultimately the decision should be taken only by you. We believe Boogey Birds have long and interesting lives ahead where they will have their ups and downs. We do not know how exactly it will pan out for them but with due care they can become good companions trailblazing the unknown paths for you in the word of DeFi.

Boogey Birds will be launched by Canary team - nine IT enthusiasts who founded Canary Exchange - one of the first AMM DEXs on Avalanche in the beginning of 2021. Canary Exchange is a rapidly developing DEX offering its users a variety of DeFi services constantly looking at adding new features and enhancement to ensure the smoothest user experience.